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Purchase a VIP Membership Monthly and enjoy the following perks:


  1. Gain access to all of Cindy’s current and upcoming e-pattern video tutorials.
  2. Membership is for one (1) month.  Membership does not auto renew – this is a one time payment.
Example Video?

You can view a full demo video here.

Where To Find Videos?

Click here to view e-patterns that include video instruction.  New videos are added on a monthly basis. Once you are a member, click on Videos located in the top menu.  You must be signed-in to access this page.

Do I Need To Cancel My Membership?

Memberships are not auto-renewed, so there really is no need to cancel as they will expire after one (1) year automatically.  If you wish, you can renew your membership manually for another year to gain access to Cindy’s videos and the 20% discount.   You can cancel your membership anytime from the My-Account page.   There are no refunds for VIP Memberships.